Name :
Detergent LS
Content :

Chemical component Methoxy benzene Sulfonic acid sodium fatty acid
Appearance: Brown powder
Solubility: Water soluble
Ionizing: Anionic Surfactant
PH Value; Near neutral
Stability: Acid, alkali, hard water, electrolyte resistance generally can be boiled, but not hypochlorite bleach solution.
Feature: Spread of calcium soap, washing, foaming are very good penetration.


Specification It can pass the following physical and chemical index

Index Name
Brown powder
Diffusion capacity of calcium soap(%)≥
Standard product 100
Active content (%)≥

Detergent LS is an excellent lime soap detergent, net for advanced wool washing and penetration aids, get a good feel and sense of fullness, and applies to the activity of ice fabric printing and dyeing dye color post-processing to remove floating And other requirements of the textile industry, high washing, LS can also be restored, acid staining dyes such as levelling agent.