Name :
Detergent 6501
Content :

Chemical component Coconut oil alkyl alcohol amide
Appearance: Amber viscous liquid
Ionizing: Non-ion surfactant
PH Value: PH=8~9
Feature: Thickened aqueous solution can be high, stable foam other washing liquid on the animal and vegetable oils and mineral oil from oil with a good force.
Stability: non acid resistance
Specification It can pass the following chemical and physical index


Index Name
PH Value
Active content
Light yellow viscosity liquid

Detergent 6501 is used in conjunction with soap, hard water-resistant features, and it is good for a powerful wetting agent, Detergent, Emulsifier. The washing fabrics and fibers have a soft hand.
This product is a light scale liquid detergent, shampoo, detergent, liquid soap, shaving cream, face wash etc. All kinds of cosmetics shampoo with a neutral detergent and an indispensable ingredient, also used as a paste cream products, emulsion stabilizer, and it is widely used in shoe polish, printing ink, drawing supplies and crayons and so on. Polypropylene and other synthetic fibers are the group of spinning finish. Anionic Surfactant normally is used for the foam stabilizer, when used in conjunction with the soap, it has good resistance to hard water. It can also be used as fiber treatment agent, the fabric soft, the product of steel, iron, antirust effect, which can be made of metal cleaning agents, cleaning agents and paint with rust stripping agent.
Package 200kg iron barrel.
S&T Light, upstreight. Keep in cold, dry and ventilated warehouses.
The shelf life is one year..