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Physical and chemical property
Appearance: Pale yellow to orange yellow semi-flow liquid, soluble in water, was a transparent liquid, acid and alkali resistance, hard water, for the Non-ionicSurfactant.
Quality index
Melting Point: 65—70℃
PH: 5—7
HLB: 13.3
Features: This product has a cleansing, wetting, emulsification and dyeing, washing performance anti-static.
Use: Monomer synthetic oil industry, dyeing and finishing of Dispersant, levelling agent. oilfield foaming agent, retarding agent, activated sludge treatment agent, metal machinery, cleaning agents for the textile industry, chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber, pesticide industry Emulsifier.
Package 100kg, 200kg iron barrel lined with plastic.
Storage: Kept in cold and ventilated place for 1 year.