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Sodium gluconate
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Sodium gluconate
Sodium gluconate is a sodium carboxymethyl polyhydroxy (the literature used as sodium gluconate), Chemical Name sugar and acid to acetaldehyde,
Molecular formula: CoH11O7Na, molecular weight: 218.14, Appearance white or light yellow crystalline granules or powder, extremely Water soluble, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in ether. mainly for cement blending agent, acid-base balance agent, water quality stabilizer, surface Cleaning agents, etc., Use a wide range.
In concrete applications: l, using sodium gluconate, W / C ratio can be reduced, which can increase the Strength of concrete, which is a type of quality Concrete
In detergent applications for: Has excellent corrosion and scale effect, is widely used in water quality stabilizer, its superiority in: (1) has the obvious effect of coordination for molybdenum, silicon, phosphorus, tungsten, nitrite and other parties of various formulations; (2) The corrosion rate increases with rising temperature; (3) The scale and capacity, calcium, magnesium, iron has a strong complexing capacity; (4) as a corrosion inhibitor cooling water to eliminate pollution is one of the major advantages; Generated by ion exchange resin after acid grape, the Use may be broader, gluconic acid can form a series of products.

Package: Industrial (solid): Large Package25kg / bag, PP woven bag lined with plastic film layer topical Package. Industrial grade (liquid): tanker or shipping company for the cement admixture of the actual needs of the factory has produced. Storage: Store in a dry and ventilated place, attention should be moisture-proof and moisture. long-term storage is not bad, if agglomeration, crushing Or dissolved does not affect the results. Transportation: This product is non-toxic and harmless, is non-inflammable and explosive dangerous goods. by car, train transportation.