Name :
Chemical component Naphthalene Sulfonic acid formaldehyde
Content :

Appearance: brown powder
Solubility: water soluble
PH Value:1% water solution PH Value7~9
Ionization values:Anionic
Stability:Acid, alkali, heat resistance, hard water, resistant to salt.
Compatibility: with anions and Non-ion surfactant simultaneously.
Specification GB9295--88
Feature Proliferation has an excellent protective colloid feature, but no infiltration of foam and other surface activity. On the affinity of protein and polyamide fibers, cotton, hemp and other fiber, it has no affinity.
Use Mainly used in printing and dyeing industry pad suspension of vat dyes, leuco acid staining, the dispersion of soluble vat dyes and dyeing. It can also be used for silk / wool interwoven fabric dyeing, and colorless yarn. In dye industry, it is mainly used for manufacturing color lakes scattered and spread the additives, rubber latex stabilizer, and leather tanning agents.
Use method
①As a scattered, dispersed vat dyes and fillers, dyes or vat dyes degree of processing fine particles and dyes available Dispersant N join grinder and sander.
②Vat Dyes Dyeing
⑧Disperse dyes
④Azoic dyes

Package 50kg woven bags lined with plastic bags.
P&S Light, keep in cold, dry and ventilated warehouses. The shelf life is 2 years.