Name :
Acid, alkali and high temperature resistance defoamer TF
Content :

Main components:Non-ion surfactant .
Technical index:
Appearance: WHite viscosity liquid
Ionic: non
Solid content%:30.0-34.0
PH Value(1% water solution )7.5-9.5
Solubility:Water soluble
Viscosity(40℃, mPa,S)150-300
1, the goods are specially designed specifically used in the water phase system Defoamer. 2, with less, anti-foaming rapid, lasting effect, in the inhibition of foam also has a significant effect. 3, at 100-140 ℃ for the water solution of the defoaming and inhibiting foam, using this procedure can reduce the time required to increase production.
For prevention and control, printing, paper, wastewater treatment and other industries to eliminate or suppress the bubble.
Use method:

Package and storage:
50 kg plastic barrel, sealed storage, room temperature storage period of 6 months.