Name :
Lignin sulfonate
Content :
Lignin sulfonate is the deep processing of wood products, sugar products, the use of SFP in the straw on the basis of new technology cleaner production, the product contains more Sulfonic acid base and carboxyl and other active genes, with better and higher surface activity Solubility And dispersion Feature, mainly for disperse and vat dyes, and water mixture and spread with filling. with grinding effect, surface activity, dispersion, heat Stability, Stability and good high-temperature dispersion.
Quality index
Appearance: Brown powder
PH Value: 7-8(based on user needs can be adjusted to 9-11 or 5-6)
Water insolubilities: ≤0.2%
Restore Content: ≤4%
Dispersion force: ≥100
Heat stability: 130℃4-5
Moisture: ≤2%
Fineness: 80mesh pass rate≥95%