Name :
Surfactant 1227
Content :
Chemical component Quaternary Ammonium Cationic Surfactant, dodecyl benzyl ammonium chloride
Appearance: Colorless to light yellow transparent viscous liquid, non-burning, a slight almond flavor.
Solubility: Diluted with water in any proportion, not soluble in non-polar agent.
PH Value: 1% water solution PH=6-8
Ionizing: Cationic
Stability: Stable below 100 ℃, anti-ice, acid, resistance to hard water, should not be heated above 120 ℃ for a long time.
Toxicity: Non-toxic, burns of the skin.
Compatibility: Mix with cationic, nonionic and amphoteric surfactant, does not affect the existing use of property feature, but can not be mixed with soap and anion surfactant in order to avoid precipitation, affect the effectiveness..
Specification It can pass the following chemical and physical index

Index Name
Active content
PH Value
Ammonium salt

This product is acrylic, the skin, bacteria, algae and other solid material with a negative charge, and has a strong affinity adsorption;
(1) as a cationic dye and retarding acrylic dyeing levelling agent o (2) for medical and health, food and work, pipe machinery or agriculture sanitizers. (3) for large-scale petrochemical plant cooling water quality stabilizer. (4) as a fabric softener and Antistatic agent.
Package: 50kg or 100kg plastic barrel.
S&T Light, keep in cold, dry and ventilated warehouses sealed. The shelf life is 1 year.