Name :
Penetrant BX( Nekal BX)
Content :

Chemical component Sulfonic acid sodium butyl naphthalene
Appearance: White powder
Solubility: Water soluble
PH Value: 1% water solution PH=7~3.5
Ionizing: Anion Surfactant
Feature: It can significantly reduce the surface tension of water, with good penetration and wetting, re-wetting is also good, and have emulsifying, spreading, and lather feature.
Stability: Acid, alkali, but not mercerized alkali bath, resistance to hard water. When add a little salt, it can greatly increase the penetration, the case of aluminum, iron, zinc and lead salts precipitate.
Compatibility: In addition to cationic dyes and cationic surfactant, in general, It can be mixed,and non-ionizing type of levelling agent in the dye bath, relaxation with Nekal combined into a compound, leveling off Feature, generally do not use the same bath at the same time.
Specification It can pass the following chemical and physical index


Index Name
Penetrating ability
PH Value
Iron content
Fineness (through 250 mesh sieve residue content
Standard product 100±2%
1% water solution PH=7~8.5

Use Widely used in textile dyeing and printing of the procedures, the main applications for penetrant and wetting agent and Emulsifier softener rubber industry, paper industry wetting agents, wetting agents and color lakes industry synergist such as chemical fertilizer and pesticide industries.
Package 40kg chemical fiber barrel lined with plastic bags or compound barrels.
S&T Keep in cold, dry and ventilated warehouses, seal for one year.